Our Ethos

The idea for Drover coffee was born on a glorious wet and windy British summer’s day on a popular tourist beach in North Wales. Ethan Fitzgibbon looked around and saw the eternally optimistic 'sunseekers' under dressed and shivering over their naturally chilled drinks. The dawn of realisation hit him. The places where people would really enjoy the perfect freshly ground shot of Espresso topped with lovingly foamed velvety milk isn’t in some busy heated coffee shop miles from all life’s best experiences, it’s in the great outdoors where no barista dared to venture!

What if you combined the finest coffee beans with the world’s most iconic ‘go anywhere’ vehicle, and a driver in search of the perfect cup of coffee and the ultimate adventure? Then you could have something very special. We aspire to deliver a great coffee experience in unexpected locations, so no matter where you are, you never have to compromise on coffee. We can’t wait to hear where you want us to go next.

Drover Land rover on the beach
Drover serving hikers
Close up of Drover coffe cup
Drinking coffee on the Land Rover

John Scott
Anthony Nelson