A unique mobile barista service for your next event?

The Drovers are a masterpiece of engineering. Drawing on the expertise of specialist engineering companies we have turned the iconic Land Rover Defender into the most premium and versatile mobile coffee unit in existence.

Each Drover is fully self-contained with a world class coffee machine, coffee grinder and a dual fuel system that can keep us going for days. No weather is too wet, no terrain too extreme, no roads too rough, no venue too exclusive for Drover to deliver great speciality coffee (and tea of course) anywhere.

Drover Land Rover

Our brand. Your brand. You choose

Our two majestic, carbon wrapped Drovers make quite a statement. They were designed specifically to be quick and easy to rebrand should our clients require it, using high quality magnetic panels. We can come along Drover branded or be made over as the coffee face of your brand or event. The choice is yours. We can discuss details about the wheres, why fors and how muches when you get in touch.

The best coffee anywhere this weekend’
— Dominic & Sasha, Silverstone

Our baristas                                        

A mean cup of coffee is the very least you can expect from our merry band of baristas.
We each share a genuine passion for what we do, and enjoy sharing our knowledge with those who love to know about what they’re drinking, the Drovers or just the vagaries of life and the weather. We bring coffee to the party for sure, but hopefully with a side order of character and fun too. Meet the team here.